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April 22nd is Earth Day and I am wondering if anyone is making any changes this year? I myself am always on a quest to try something natural and organic, though it is hard to stick to it. Busy schedules tend to make it hard to research and spend time in the grocery store. Even my husband Tom goes often due to how busy GCP has been lately. I know I will never be 100% organic or green. I do not walk around saying “I am organic” because we bought organic produce that week. But I am sure going to try to make changes and stick with them from now on. Going “green/organic” does not always mean food. I read the book Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano two summers ago. It is an easy to read fun book about changing the small things slowly. What intrigued me the most about Sophie’s book is the beauty section, and all that is in our products…scary 🙁 but eye opening. In this article she talks about the ingredients to avoid.  It is for sure a book a recommend and below is a link to her website.

Here is Sophie’s post from today in honor of Earth Day….are you up to the challenge?

“Small changes make a big difference – that’s pretty much my philosophy and since the birth of Gorgeously Green, its been thrilling to see how many thousands of women have inspired each other to take their first small steps toward a greener way of life. This Earth Day, I invite every single one of you to think about the next small step that you want to take and commit to it. Most of us need to embark on a greener life style step-by-step, and many of you have probably found that one change always leads to the next. You start off with a reusable tote and end up with a wind turbine in your backyard!

Embarking on a greener lifestyle connects to the innate desire that most of us have to do something good – to affect change in some way during our lifetime. As things in our high tech world become increasingly transient, we all harbor a deep need to hold onto that which is timeless. Just taking a walk along a beach or even staring up at the night sky can be enough of a reminder that we need to take great care of this miraculous planet.

To celebrate Earth Day, switch off your computer and all handheld devices (don’t you hate when they say that on the plane?), and go take a walk where there’s some semblance of nature. Plan one whole hour where you’ll be totally incommunicado, take some deep breaths, re-group, and think about what your next small step will be. I’ll be joining you – phone off, in a small meditation area that I set up in my backyard. Away from children, dogs and even my lovely husband, I’ll find some calm – just hope it doesn’t rain!” Sophie Uliano Gorgeously Green April 21, 2010

I am for sure planning on doing this today. But hopefully it will be with Ava and Tom, but for sure not my crackberry {blackberry}. As you can see by the images below I have found a new spot that needs to be explored even more by my camera. This is my way of seeing the beauty of this Earth and makes me want to do more to protect and preserve it.

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GCP’s Little Green Step Forward

I am excited to say that GCP is doing it’s part to be a little greener as well! I have been working really hard on setting up an electronic client information and consent form. I also am converting my welcome packet to a psd packet. The welcome packet is getting a little makeover to go with the new site as well. Soon when you book your appointment you will be sent a link to an electronic form to fill out your information, sign the policies, and consent to photography. Once that is received you will be sent a psd packet with session information and tips, policies, styling guide, and more! This will cut done on paper significantly and hopefully a step forward into helping out our amazing mother earth


I would love for you to leave your comments below on your step to doing something green!

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  • all my business forms are sent by email now and will hopefully soon be online! while i love fluff and packaging, i keep mine to an absolute minimum. and i’ve switched from bare essentials to everyday minerals — just a bit more natural for a third the cost.ReplyCancel

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