A couple questions for my clients and clients to be

Good afternoon friends! As I continue to dream and plan for the future of GCP, I often dream of a little natural light space just for newborn sessions. I wonder if you (as a new parent) would come to a studio or prefer your home as the location for a newborn session.  Some pros to the newborn studio:

~I know the lighting and temperature of the room (both make a huge difference)

~I can have even more props, and unique ways to take images of your precious little one (baskets, slings, an actual backdrop stand ;), wood flooring…oh the possibilities!)

~parents will have a comfortable and relaxing environment to be in while the baby is having his/her picture taken. You will have a space to feed and change baby as well.

~the space would be clean and quiet, no one else would be there at the same time. This would be appointment only.

~ I have even thought of setting up a a newborn studio in my own home for a while to test out the idea

~Sessions scheduled at the “studio” would be a lower session fee than the on location session fee. So the option to have a session in your home would still be avaiable

Please leave comments and take the poll to let me know what you think. This space would also be my office space where I could display products, and if you wish, you can come to meet to view your gallery.

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