I am not a fan of the word resolution. I don’t stick to them very well. So maybe this year I will make promises to myself. It is a lot more disappointing to break a promise then resolution.

stick to my sooc project to keep documenting the kids

make ALOT more time for my family

bring GCP to the next level

concentrate on my own art and not dwell on what is going on around me

and loose that baby weight

What are your promises?

Thank you all for the support, love, and new friendships this year. I know you have many options, and the fact that you keep retuning to GCP keeps me going and growing.  All of your families have left their imprints on my heart.

as Jeremy Irons said

P I N this to pinterest

Have a happy and safe New Year’s. Display your memories and follow your dreams in 2011!

With Love,

Gina, Tom, Ava & Owen

  • Wow Gina, I swear we have the same “promises” lol.
    We really need to hang out! 🙂ReplyCancel

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