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you have seen pictures from our travels to ireland in past blog posts here and here.

but i know this is the post you have all been waiting for.

the wedding.

so grab yourself an irish coffee or a pint of Guinness and enjoy!

carolyn and i met working at the salon. we became friends almost instantly. while i was on maternity leave with ava, she would call and tell me about this guy she was seeing. “he is such a sparkle face” she would tell me. which is the highest form of flattery in carolyn language. when i met pat, i knew he was perfect for carolyn and truly adored her.

and here we are three years later, in ireland, celebrating their perfect match.

i had to watermark these with tom as well. he really rocked this wedding and i was amazed at the shots he got. (i guess he had a good teacher 😉 ) either way, i think it might be time to get this man a camera of his own!

their story

in their own words

Carolyn: I was at the South Side Irish parade and heard cheering. I was thinking, oh the mayor must be coming. But no, it was Pat MacKenzie. I knew him from high school and have not seen him in years. I knew I had to spend time with this guy who had such a presence.

She says every day with Pat is a surprise, he has the biggest heart, and makes her a better person.

Pat: I fell in love with carolyn because she is a genuine, free spirit. We have so much fun together, and enjoy getting the most out of our lives with one another. She accepts me for who I am, and makes me a better man. She is my best friend and soul mate. I am truly blessed to have Carolyn Marie in my life.

The Engagement: it was a fall day and Carolyn was exhausted from work. She rushed home and got ready to go out to dinner in the city with Pat. Pat was dressed up a little more than usual so Carolyn ran inside to add a little more “sparkle”. After dinner Pat told Carolyn they were going to an outdoor concert. Before Carolyn knew it, she was standing in front of Buckingham Fountain, in the rain, and Pat was on one knee asking if she would be his best friend for the rest of her life.

The first dance: Stand By Me. They chose this song because two weeks after they started dating, Carolyn’s brother was learning to play the song on his guitar. Pat and Carolyn started dancing in her garage. From that moment on Stand By me was their song

black tulips were all over. tom and i picked one the day before the wedding and the ends started to curl up like this! i can not get over how perfect these roses were for carolyn love her ringcarolyn searched for months before the wedding for vintage broaches for each of the bridesmaids perfectionfeathers are huge in europefabulous shoescarolyn, you are stunningcarolyn rented these umbrellas from a cleaners in killarney! these two are so cute The St. Mary’s Cathedral i told tom, he had to get one shot….one shot out of the whole day

pat’s face when he saw carolyn for the first time my favorites mob!and tom really proved himself with these two images. (i have to give him credit, when he told carolyn to throw up her veil….i rolled my eyes)yes i talk to myself…. i always feel this huge relief when ceremonies are over. to me he ceremony is the most nerve racking part. so i must either be taking a deep breath or saying “okay, next is….”
after the ceremony we headed to Ross Castle for those of us that know tom and i, we can’t pass up a good liquor shot…..

Then took a jaunting car ride back to the reception

love this one…(and it’s tom’s!) the happiest man in the worldwe had to try itwe all want to live in this sweet little cottagewe had to take a little “hike” after the horse and carriages.

these are tom’s reception!

majlpfog!it really is….showing off the ringcarolyn stained and stamped all of these sweet little gift boxesthe planet color family besties 🙂

yes i am shortwe think we are cool (and no we did not both plan on wearing purple)uncle “shut the front door” jackthis is carolyn showing off how cute this little bell waspat’s mom and dad’s song started playing during dinnerfirst dance, choreographed our cameras were hijakedcrazy irish shot
waitstophammer timeooo oooo oooohoff the clock!  thank you everyone for taking the time to view these images. and thank you to pat and carolyn for giving us this opportunity. we love you so much!