my first nine rolls have been returned as scans. in case you are new here…i received a contax 645 for christmas from Tom. it shoots medium format film, and i have only ever shot 35 mm film. You can catch up here.

there are three popular labs to have your film developed and i sent three to each. Richard Film Lab, Indie Film Lab, and my favorite and choice from now on The Find Lab. this is all personal choice in how they develop/scan, the equipment they use, the turnaround, cost, and customer service.

All my black and whites were shot with Ilford Delta 3200, most color with fuji pro 400h, and one roll with kodak porta 400. film again is a very personal choice. it will take me a very long time to find my happy place with film brands. but overall the ilford delta 3200 has lovely film grain, fuji has gorgeous pastels, and kodak color is striking.

after shooting my first couple rolls, i turned to jonathan canlas and google. i purchased the Film is Not Dead book and a light meter (jonathan does not suggest trusting your in camera light meter). and thanks to seeing my scans, reading FIND, and the awesome lab techs at The Find Lab….I know that unlike digital, film can be overexposed. that is a very scary thing for digital shooters, and each brand of film can be exposed differently.

film is also teaching me to be a WAY better photographer. i think about every move I make behind the camera because it costs money and film. no more “spray and pray” of digital.

so here is my family and a couple willing clients as my first scans in film. in order of labs they were developed at.