Nick + Laura. Helpless romantics and seriously crazy in love. The best way to tell the story of this day, is in pictures.
Laura’s blue shoes were a small symbol of her fun personality
I told you, romantics…check out that noteLaura had a family heirloom tied on her bouquetNick’s gift to Laura. That was a real egg. Such a sweet and unique gift.Laura you were absolutely gorgeous!Laura’s gift to Nick, a pocket watchthis group of guys had swaggerOne of Tom’s shots and I think one of my favs that he has ever took
and in this pic you can see where he stood (after asking permission very sweetly from the church lady)this bridal party was so pretty and sweet. all the girls were so helpful and troopers…it was actually freezing out and super windy!and these guys….whoa Nick!!Not sure if Laura ever stopped smiling that day
this group really needs to learn how to loosen up and have fun ::sarcasm;)::tom loves his flying veil shotsthe wind of the lake was crazy cold so everyone huddled together while they waited. that is how awesome this group was, the guys provided a bearer for the ladies. chivalry at it’s finest. I love this pic. They are so crazy in love, look at the way they look at each other all. the. that fabulous dress! they served drinks in the service elevator that brought the guests up to the event space! every table was a different brewery or winery that Nick and Laura have visited. They love to travel together.loved the typography they used throughout the wedding and the place cards were in wine corks!
to the right is the view from the reception roomthis cake is a complete work of art. amazingthe speeches at their wedding were the best.  nick’s mom/dad wrote a letter to him when he was young (i think 7 or 9) to read on his wedding day. it was perfect.i am not kidding that they smiled the entire dayfirst dance song : Harvest MoonBest band. So. Much. Fun.Tom and I still talk about Nick and Laura’s wedding. Everyone was so so amazing and nice to us. This wedding wasn’t work, it was simply fun.

Nick and Laura, thank you again for having us tell the story of your day in pictures. You two are amazing people and deserve nothing more than a happily ever after. Church::St Mary’s of the Angels

Reception :: Bridgeport Art Center

Hotel :: Hotel Lincoln

Caterer :: Jordan Food of Distinction

Cake :: Tuziks Bakery

Florist :: Enchanted Florist

Band :: Chicago Catz