My kids and their friends get the most time in front of the contax. Here are some from February and March.

Ava had so much fun creating some valentine’s day crafts at Claire’s housewhen it finally snowed…organic carrots that we made into carrot “french fries”¬†helping her brother brush his teethhe insisted on wearing this hat for a weeksadly our beagle will steal food right from your hand. so sometimes it is best to eat standing updue to the lack of snow this year, we never got around to buying snow pants and boots. when it finally did snow we had to dig up some random provisions.

and owen likes to wear his little blanky on his head and call himself batmanpots and paints in mokena was a perfect winter activity¬†valentine’s day and homemade pop tarts!Zoey’s 3rd birthday party at the zooeaster egg coloring