I sent a huge (for me) amount of rolls into Indie Film Lab two weeks ago. It was getting to the point, that I was not even sure what was on the rolls anymore. I also was keeping already exposed rolls in my bag. I went to an engagement session and decided to pull out the contax. Since we were outside and the grass was wet, I tried loading it while standing and holding other things. As I was talking to the couple, I was struggling to load the film AND getting nervous. I looked down only to realize I was trying to load my camera with already exposed film. For those of you that know film, once ANY light touches the film, it is ruined. That was my sign to send the film in ASAP. I had no idea which roll it was and how bad it would be.

Thank God I only lost a few frames and they were of a friend’s daughter that was letting me practice. I also took an online film class with Becky Earl and Ryan Muirhead, where I learned so so much. But one of the biggest things I was frustrated with was how on a Contax you only have the one focus point, smack dab in the middle of the frame. This drives me nuts since I do not shoot in the center and move my focus points constantly. Also with the Contax I was getting a lot of soft focus images. I know film is not sharp to begin with, but these were too out of focus for my taste. Ryan and Becky immediately solved my angst by telling me these issues are all because the Contax is meant to be manually focused. This is a lesson learned after I sent these rolls in, so the next batch I will hopefully start seeing a difference.

I have numerous posts from these rolls of film, so I will start with the personal shots from this batch.

Easter Anyone looking for an easy delish spring/summer side dish? Check out this Zucchini Ricotta Cheesecake. It didn’t stand a chance at my parent’s house.Spring is one of my favorite time’s of the year. But every year is different as to when things bloom and I would hate to bring a client to a spot that is not in bloom. So I take numerous rides to my favorite spots to see how things are progressing.nap timefor our 8 year anniversary we went up to South Haven. Well, we did not realize that everything would be closed because it was not warm out yet, plus it was a Monday. So we left after a night since it was raining anyway and headed to Blue Chip. At least they had a spa and wineries to stop at on the way 🙂We still took a quick cold and windy walk on the beach at Beverly ShoresAva’s Boutique Another warmer trip to see how things were progressing.