As photographers, you become lens junkies. You always want another even though you promised the last lens you bought would be the last you will EVER buy. I thought it would be fun to show you how different Tom and I feel about our lens choices for weddings.

I love primes. 50, 85, macro. That is all I need. Well, the 35 is on my wish list. But not necessary right now. Even though I switch between all three at a wedding, I love my macro. Mainly because I am so detail orientated,  the jewelry, flower and shoe pictures should be shot no other way than with a macro.

Tom loves his 70-200. And if it wasn’t for the 2.8 and the occasional small hotel room the guys get ready in, I think he would have it on the camera the entire wedding. Tom can stand back and be so much less intrusive and catch candid moments. It can be known as the “stalker” lens, lol! Either way he gets amazing moments from the sidelines with this lens during the ceremony and while I am shooting the bridals. At our last wedding I rented (from the amazing LensRentals.Com) a 70-200 for myself and Tom said “Don’t fall in love with her…she is my lens”

Both lenses give such buttery bokeh and tac sharp.

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