This is summer.

Every June we head down to Lake Norfolk in Arkansas for some r&r and qt with our bestest of friends (Amy and Pete) and their family.

This year some very important members of this trip were greatly missed.

And the years following, one great man will be deeply missed. But I have a feeling he will be there with us still. Watching, laughing, and drinking a miller light. Enjoying a boat ride, crazy conversations, and chaos of six young kids (four of which are his grand babies) in one house.


These first set of images were taken with film

s’mores…it isn’t a summer night without a s’more . And we were there during playoffs if you could not tellKristy brought super hero everyone thought they had super powersplaying in the Arkansas dirt in our pjs and bed headone day we decided to take nice picturesa day on the pontoon turned out to be all of our favorite dayThe following are digital images
duckowen turned out to be a dare devil
pool side daysearly mornings
the one time we got dressed and put makeup on
our beautiful friends and their familiesand so the countdown begins for next year….