I have an obsession with food photography and an a slightly larger obsession with fresh produce. There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh peach or eggplant. The color, textures, and shapes inspire me a bit.

 I have been following Slow Food USA and became a member after our camping trip to the farm. The importance of supporting our local farmers and teaching our children about where are food comes from and eating healthy is incredibly important. I even found this post on Epicurious with recipes using in season produce.

As this summer is slowly coming to an end, let’s go out to our local farmer’s markets and buy fresh. Make a meal using only that and eat al fresco. That is our plan next week before the kids head back to school

My friend’s at Brandau’s Farmstand were kind enough to let me hang out a bit and take some pretty food shots. THey are located at 10544 West 1919st street in Mokena. Check them out this weekend and get some delicious veggies and fruits for the upcoming week.