I just got a couple emails and a FB question asking about the photos I recently posted. The questions were asking about light/time of day.

All of these photos were taken on the same day. ┬áThe day had clear skies, but some humidity in the air. It is difficult to schedule every session at the “golden hour”, so I have learned to find the light. Here are some tips

1. Take the time to show up and look around where you want to shoot. If you walk around and really explore, you will find beautiful pockets of light. Different times of day, seasons, and humidity levels change the way the light is. I shoot at the same locations often, and still always arrive 10 minutes early to look around.

2. OPEN SHADE. It is your best friend when shooting mid day.

3. Put the light behind your subject the best you can.

4. Find natural reflectors. Such as white walls and cement, that will bounce light back at your subjects.

Happy shooting! ~Gina

These photos were taken around 11 am
2013-10-29_0020This photo was taken around 1pm2013-10-29_0030This photo was taken around 2:30pm2013-10-29_0002These photos were taken around 5pm2013-10-29_0043