I can’t believe my sweet baby is three months old already!  I forgot how quickly time flies by especially when they’re newborns.  I got lucky and got a very happy baby the day I took these as well!

2013-11-14_0001P I N this to pinterest2013-11-14_0002P I N this to pinterest2013-11-14_0003P I N this to pinterest

The only picture Caleigh would cooperate for, but I love it!

2013-11-14_0004P I N this to pinterest2013-11-14_0005P I N this to pinterest

Gavin thinks Mommy is hilarious 🙂

2013-11-14_0006P I N this to pinterest

I seriously can’t get enough of baby toes!

2013-11-14_0007P I N this to pinterest2013-11-14_0008P I N this to pinterest

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