In light of the recent devastation in Illinois due to the tornadoes, we have come up with a non profit that could help families affected by natural disaster or fire by using our photography talents.

Thus we have started the heARTography project


A non profit organization to help families that lost everything in a fire or other natural disaster capture new memories with photography.
We understand we cannot replace past photographs and memories, but we can help the family start their new chapter as survivors. We are looking for families who have stayed strong and positive, and give them a platform to tell their story to inspire others who may be going through something similar.
Photographers will donate their time and talent to capture the family.
Each family will be provided with images from their session along with full printing rights.  Donations will be accepted to help each family get wall prints from the session.

We are very much in the grassroots of this project and currently looking for families that would benefit from this project. If you are a family that would benefit or would like to nominate a family, please fill out this form

We are also accepting monetary gifts to help fund the organization. We would also like to gift the families with prints to hang on their walls in their new home, and a DVD as a keepsake of their images. If you are interested in making a gift donation, please contact us at

Any other questions please email Gina at

You can always find heARTography info by clicking the menu link at the top of our website.