I hope you are ready for a seriously gorgeous mama to be! We hoped for snow, and it snowed at exactly the time of the outdoor portion of our session. And it snowed big, fluffy flakes. It was perfect, maybe a little cold and wet for Ms. S, but worth every minute.

This mama to be has been doing cross fit, and it shows. She is all belly and her arms are insane. I am also so happy she wore mustard leggings!

J, you are glowing and gorgeous. I can not wait to meet this little guy! ~Gina 2014-01-21_00062014-01-21_00072014-01-21_00082014-01-21_00092014-01-21_00102014-01-21_00112014-01-21_00122014-01-21_00132014-01-21_00142014-01-21_00152014-01-21_00172014-01-21_00182014-01-21_00192014-01-21_00202014-01-21_00212014-01-21_00222014-01-21_00232014-01-21_00242014-01-21_00252014-01-21_00262014-01-21_0027