I am so excited to share my niece’s newborn photos!The other day I posted her hospital pics here. Below are some of my favorite images from her in home newborn session. She has the dreamiest nursery!

I know I am biased, but she is such a gorgeous baby, with her light hair and full lips! I am already going from withdrawals of not seeing her in a week, she is the best to snuggle.

And congrats again to her amazing parents, love you both! XOXO ~Gina2014-01-24_00132014-01-24_00142014-01-24_00122014-01-24_00112014-01-24_00102014-01-24_00092014-01-24_00032014-01-24_00042014-01-24_00052014-01-24_00062014-01-24_00072014-01-24_00082014-01-24_00022014-01-24_0001