Sometimes, the visual can stimulate other senses, almost like synesthesia. As you look at the photos of Mr. B, can you hear him? If you take a moment and block out all the sounds, turn off Spotify, block out the traffic, still the birds and kill your television — can you hear a giggle? A giddy little scream? These photographs are a still picture of this moving, talking, squealing little boy, and when I’m quiet, I can still hear him. Mr. B came to visit us at the studio for his six month mini milestone, and he literally filled the space with the bright sounds of his eager young soul. He’s young, innocent, and so bright-eyed that I almost hated to let him leave, out into the bracing Chicagoland breeze. But he wasn’t afraid – this guy is literally fearless. He gives the world hope, he fills each moment with such eagerness and delight that you cannot help but join him. Scroll through, feel the joy that each photo and step, even if only for a moment, into the sunny world that is Mr. B’s reality. And when you’re done, join me and his parents in committing to bring this same view to each situation you face today.

This is why I’m a Chicago baby photographer. This right here. ~Gina