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Chicago Family Photographer | N Family

April 30, 2014

I have been shooting the N Family and their two little girls for years now. They recently wanted to do an extended family shoot with their parents and their brother and his family. We got together on a beautiful, crisp, Spring afternoon, and had a lovely time laughing, hugging, and hanging out. Ms. E (the smallest of the N Family) was a little off her game on this particular day, but that’s par for the course at this age 😀

Amber, the N’s sister-in-law, is currently fighting stage 4 cancer. She is one strong, amazing woman. You can read about her battle in her own words here on her blog. You can also join in helping her and her family with some of the medical expenses that all of this costs; they are having a benefit for her Sunday, May 4 at Bourbon. You can get tickets, donate money, or just see what it’s all about at Cancer Can Kiss It.

Please keep this family in your prayers as they go through this very difficult process together — holding one another up, walking together the whole way. Enjoy the photos, too. I’m honored to know and photograph these wonderful people.

Chicago Family Photographer_0000Chicago Family Photographer_0001Chicago Family Photographer_0002Chicago Family Photographer_0003Chicago Family Photographer_0004

Chicago Event Photographer – Ms. K turns ONE!

April 29, 2014

Miss K had the most fabulous first birthday party downtown Chicago a few weeks ago. This is the second party I have documented for the S family, just a few months ago their oldest daughter A turned five. And let me tell you, their mama knows how to throw a party! She does not miss any details, and each one is beautiful and most are handmade by her. K’s party theme was “You Are My Sunshine” which was a breath of fresh air after this harsh winter we’ve had. The venue was so bright and airy; and the food and drink were plentiful. Check out the amazing venue here.  There was a face painter and balloon artist, and K’s music teacher made a special appearance to entertain the littlest party guests. Most importantly, the S family has such wonderful, gracious family and friends. The room was bursting with love and support for the S family.

I’m thrilled to be a Chicago event photographer. So much time, effort and love goes into prepping and hosting these parties. I know, I’ve thrown a few parties myself! I’m always happy to document the event so that the hosts can relax and enjoy their guests, like it should be.

PaulaChicago Event Photographer.jpgK is One Sweet K.jpg2014-04-22_0004.jpg2014-04-22_0023.jpg2014-04-22_0022.jpg2014-04-22_0021.jpg2014-04-22_0020.jpg2014-04-22_0019.jpg2014-04-22_0018.jpg2014-04-22_0017.jpg2014-04-22_0016.jpg2014-04-22_0015.jpg2014-04-22_0014.jpg2014-04-22_0013.jpg2014-04-22_0012.jpg2014-04-22_0011.jpg2014-04-22_0010.jpg2014-04-22_0009.jpg2014-04-22_0008.jpg2014-04-22_0007.jpg2014-04-22_0006.jpg2014-04-22_0005.jpg

Chicago Newborn Photographer | V Family

April 28, 2014

Ms. H is a perfect little lady in every sense of the word. She is a petite 5 pounds, and her hands, toes, lips, ears, and eyes are dainty and delightful. She even holds her hands like a lady. She loves to let her mother dress her in all things girly and miniature.

I was delighted to learn that her mother and I have mutual friends — Chicago may be the world’s biggest small town — so while she slept peacefully through her entire modeling career,  mom and I had plenty to chat about. Her mother told me that when Ms. H gets fussy, all she has to do is start brushing her hair and she immediately calms down and falls asleep. Can you believe that?! A true lady — loves to have her hair brushed even while she sleeps.

Her nursery is also extremely lady like. You’ll see that the colors and chandelier are not typical of a “baby” nursery. No pink, no bunnies, just classy & timeless. This little girl is going to have style and class beyond her years. She already likes to have her hair brushed, wear sherbet and gray lacy shawls and can sit with her hands crossed. I can’t wait to see the little woman she grows up to be.

Ms. H’s mother made one of her headbands, and the flower tie back was made by Madi Mo’s Bows. Enjoy the photos of this charming little lady. I’m sure her quiet confidence will win your heart like it won mine. Also, her head-in-hands pose positively slays me every time.

Chicago Newborn Photographer_0043

Chicago Newborn Photographer_0044Chicago Newborn Photographer_0045Chicago Newborn Photographer_0046Chicago Newborn Photographer_0047Chicago Newborn Photographer_0048Chicago Newborn Photographer_0049Chicago Newborn Photographer_0050Chicago Newborn Photographer_0051Chicago Newborn Photographer_0052Chicago Newborn Photographer_0053

Featured Chicago Photographer | I Have a Life

April 25, 2014

Another exciting event for Gina Cristine Photography is that I was featured on the I Have a Life blog this week! I Have a Life is a community of people – photographers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, business owners and creatives who absolutely love what they do, but still want to have a life outside of it.

For me, a few years ago, things were getting a little heavy on the Photography side. My business was taking off, and that’s wonderful, but my family was seeing less of me. When I realized this, I got some help (an editing company and more photographers!) and have since then gotten my life back – my freedom to be with my kids and husband, to do things I love, to do good for others with the HeARTography Project, and to be free. Just… free to be me.

So, I Have A Life interviewed me about my passion for Photography and my commitment to be a good mother and wife and actually have a LIFE!

You can read the interview here, and learn more about me, my darling family, and the best restaurant in Chicago (in my opinion)! Also, look around the blog a bit – there are many other super talented photographers on there talking about their  businesses and passions, and some helpful articles on priorities, systems and efficiency.

Thank you all again for your support. I am honored to get to live this life – and it’s thanks to you!

Much Love,

~Gina, Gina Cristine Photography

I Have a Life Blog


Frankfort Boutique Child Photographer | C Family

April 24, 2014

What is it about babies with tons of hair?! Ms. O, has a such gorgeous wisps and bright sparkly eyes. For her one year studio milestone, she showed off her smiling, standing, and heart stealing tricks.

 Being one is so fun for Ms. O and her gorgeous style makes it easy as a Frankfort Boutique Child Photographer. I love how girly mom dresses her in her fancy ruffled romper, beautiful headband, and pearls.

Gina~Frankfort Child Photographer

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