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Miss K had the most fabulous first birthday party downtown Chicago a few weeks ago. This is the second party I have documented for the S family, just a few months ago their oldest daughter A turned five. And let me tell you, their mama knows how to throw a party! She does not miss any details, and each one is beautiful and most are handmade by her. K’s party theme was “You Are My Sunshine” which was a breath of fresh air after this harsh winter we’ve had. The venue was so bright and airy; and the food and drink were plentiful. Check out the amazing venue here. ┬áThere was a face painter and balloon artist, and K’s music teacher made a special appearance to entertain the littlest party guests. Most importantly, the S family has such wonderful, gracious family and friends. The room was bursting with love and support for the S family.

I’m thrilled to be a Chicago event photographer. So much time, effort and love goes into prepping and hosting these parties. I know, I’ve thrown a few parties myself! I’m always happy to document the event so that the hosts can relax and enjoy their guests, like it should be.

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