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Ms. H is a perfect little lady in every sense of the word. She is a petite 5 pounds, and her hands, toes, lips, ears, and eyes are dainty and delightful. She even holds her hands like a lady. She loves to let her mother dress her in all things girly and miniature.

I was delighted to learn that her mother and I have mutual friends — Chicago may be the world’s biggest small town — so while she slept peacefully through her entire modeling career,  mom and I had plenty to chat about. Her mother told me that when Ms. H gets fussy, all she has to do is start brushing her hair and she immediately calms down and falls asleep. Can you believe that?! A true lady — loves to have her hair brushed even while she sleeps.

Her nursery is also extremely lady like. You’ll see that the colors and chandelier are not typical of a “baby” nursery. No pink, no bunnies, just classy & timeless. This little girl is going to have style and class beyond her years. She already likes to have her hair brushed, wear sherbet and gray lacy shawls and can sit with her hands crossed. I can’t wait to see the little woman she grows up to be.

Ms. H’s mother made one of her headbands, and the flower tie back was made by Madi Mo’s Bows. Enjoy the photos of this charming little lady. I’m sure her quiet confidence will win your heart like it won mine. Also, her head-in-hands pose positively slays me every time.

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