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2014-04-01_0057I have had the privilege of photographing all of the B family kids from the day they were born, and it is such an honor. They are a really charming family, and along with being dear personal friends, they have all been a delight to photograph.

Mr. B is no exception. He came in with such a kind and intuitive demeanor. He was completely compliant with all of my requests and incessant posing. He just watched me and my big camera with those huge, beautiful, curious eyes of his! He was friendly, happy, and patient. He was a pleasure to photograph, and just to be around. His future is going to be full of wonder, and I am certain that with his gentlemanly way, he will go far.

He brought his parents to the studio to capture life at 6 months. He was very keen on watching everybody and everything. They say he loves to watch his older brother and sister run around and play, and it surely won’t be long before he’ll be up and chasing them.

Enjoy this little man. He’s quiet, unassuming, and quite charming.

~Gina, Chicago Baby Photographer

Chicago Baby Photographer

Chicago Baby Photographer

Chicago Baby Photographer