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This young man is going to do big things. Mr. W entered the world at over 9 pounds, and has been a huge addition to the beautiful family. If his chubby cheeks and irresistible rolls are any indication, he is a man who knows what he wants, and works hard to get it. At his birth, the nurses actually joked that he was ready for preschool because he was holding up his head, looking around the room, and appeared eager to get started on life.

I’ve been privileged to photograph his family for many years. His two older sisters have become dear friends of mine in their own right, and they confess that they are completely smitten with him. They fully intend to spoil him, and teach him all they can about life and how to be good. ¬†Watching them stare at him, hold him with such care, and laugh at his every facial expression was one of the most profoundly endearing experiences of my life. Siblings are a beautiful thing, but sometimes, their love is so palpable that it steps through the camera and directly into your heart.

Mr. W’s mother is one of the writers behind¬†The Little Style File, which is a brilliant blog that we LOVE and highly suggest for all of your photo session wardrobe styling needs.

It was a pleasure as always to spend time in this home, with this family, capturing and enjoying their love and warmth. Mr. W is a fortunate man, and will be well loved. I am thankful to get to watch these children grow, and so fortunate to share in the capturing of these special moments. These photos are just a small glimpse into the love and kindness that abounds in this home. And these are just a few reasons why I am so blessed to be a Chicago newborn photographer.






Chicago Newborn Photographer



Chicago Newborn Photographer

Chicago Newborn Photographer