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gcp3We are thrilled to announce that one of our photos won 3rd place in the Shoot and Share 2013 Photo Contest, Family Category.

Why are we so excited about third? Well, that’s third in the family category – we love our families – and over 26,000 photos were entered, in all. So, yes, in this case, third is a huge deal.

1,660 photographers entered 26,433 photos. 5,737,602 votes were cast by 14,274 voters. Out of all that, our photo placed Third in its category! And we couldn’t be happier. It is also worth noting that these images were based solely on themselves. There were no names,  no watermarks, no companies, no stories, no locations, not even camera settings were shared.  All we were judged on was the photo of the highly photogenic D Family.

The Shoot and Share family has become something we treasure. It is a community of like-minded photographers who value service, and who use PASS, a digital image sharing platform. If you’ve been with us long, it’s likely that your own images were viewed in a PASS gallery. All of our clients have been viewing their images via the PASS gallery for over a year now, it has been a real life saver. No more burning CDs, no more thumb drives – just the simplicity of a cloud-based, online, easy-peasy gallery, complete with social media sharing and optional downloads. We could not be happier with the company, their services and their overall community spirit. Oh, and also winning!

About the shoot: The D family met me on a rainy, chilly fall afternoon. We were a bit hesitant because of the weather, but decided to go for it since it was difficult to find a time we could all get together. The children were exceptionally sweet and loving to each other that day. It was only natural that Mr. L would lean over to give his sister a kiss – she’s kind of his hero, obviously. I hit the shutter just in time to capture this award-winning moment. Her face is priceless. His loving little pucker is one in a million. Or, at least, one in 26,433.

You can see this image and all the winners here in the digital copy of the March edition of the Shoot and Share Magazine. It’s a brilliant walk through the best photos from the best photographers of the year, and we are humbled and honored to he among them.
Thank you all so much for your support, for allowing us to capture moments like this, and your loyalty to Gina Cristine Photography.

We are so grateful.


The-Photo-Contest-Badge-Top-10Here are some more of our favorite images from the past year year.2014-04-08_00022014-04-08_00032014-04-08_0004