Little Ms. P is the daughter of some good friends of Tom and me. You may remember their surprise wedding a couple years back 😀 In addition to having a super hip mom and a dad who will educate her in the history and greatness of the Chicago White Sox, she also has a few qualities that I perceived in our afternoon together that really make her a unique individual.

She has a lot on her mind. This little lady isn’t just concerned with eating and sleeping, as some might say about others her age; you can see by her furrowed brow and firmly closed eyes, that she’s not just resting — she’s thinking.

Amidst deep thought, she also seems to have her Zen going on. She was very relaxed and appears to have mastered Yoga’s traditional Child’s Pose. I can take some lessons from her in balancing my life, for sure.

She loves to accessorize — like any girl does — and she wears it well. Her darling headbands were made by Madi Mo’s Bows, and her bracelet, bonnet, and necklace are perfect additions to her “barely there” outfits.

I love nothing more than to spend the afternoon with friends — helping them document their lives and their children’s lives. Ms. P and her parents are so special and perfectly suited for one another. Thank you Toby and Sarah for letting me catch a glimpse of another major milestone in your lives! You are dear friends, and have made me one happy photographer by inviting me to be a part of this sweet girl’s life.

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