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Mr. M is the son of some fellow firefighter friends of ours. He is such a little man. That hat, those shoes, the plaid shirt, and the way he holds himself say it all. He took a bit to warm up — he wasn’t so sure about the lady with the big camera — but eventually he was laughing, being silly, and making classic Mr. M faces. He was most comfortable when he was playing with his parents; they obviously have a great relationship.

I was surprised to see how hesitant he was with the cake, but I guess since his favorite food right now is Cheese, he goes for the more savory side of life 😀 I’m sure he’ll warm up to sweets soon enough.

Knowing his parents (and doesn’t he look just like dad?!) I know how important Mr. M is to them. They adore this little guy and all the time they get to spend with him. It’s clear they’re doing something very right. He loves them too. He feels safe with them, and he basically brightens up when they are holding his hand. What a beautiful family with a beautiful connection. Thank you for letting me capture it.

Happy 1st birthday, Little Man!

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