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Ms. E is 6 months old. This is a big deal! She’s a curious little thinker — ambitious and remarkably self assured.
I’ve photographed Ms. E before. She joined me for a Newborn Session as well as a 3 Month Session. And she is a delight in every way.

This young lady’s eyes are unbelievable — huge, gray, curious, knowing, and determined. You can see it all at a single glance. She’s thinking deeply, and frankly, she seems fine with who she is and what’s she’s got going on. She made me work pretty hard to get a few big smiles out of her, but it was worth it. She’s beautiful — smiling or not. And those eyes say it all!

From her floor shots, she appears to have some competitive swimming in her future. She’s a mover, a stretcher, and she doesn’t give up — perfect for competitive swimming! We also just had to feature her gorgeous lashes, those chubby legs, and the way she’s still completely enthralled with her toes.

The white dress she’s wearing is significant. Her older sister wore it as well, and now it’s been passed down. Their mother absolutely adores it, and it is darling on both of them.

Enjoy the photographs of Ms. E as she ages gracefully. Can’t wait to continue to watch her grow and become the little confident woman that she is already showing signs of.

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