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Ms. L is my first niece! My brother in law and sister in law are doing such an amazing job with her. She’s happy and playful, fun and engaging, sweet and sincere. Nothing melts your heart more than when a baby looks right into your eyes and smiles so big! It’s pretty incredible โ€” and even more when that baby is your own family.

Everyone is crazy about her, not just me. Her parents, of course, can’t get enough. Ava and Owen are completely enamored, and basically anyone that meets her falls for her when she smiles with those beautiful blue eyes.

This is her 3 month photo shoot (you can see her Newborn photos ย hereย and here), so as with most 3 month olds, tummy time was not her favorite. All of these amazingly happy photos were taken in the span of 20 minutes, and then she was through. She decided she’d had enough of being the most adorable three month old in the room, and she was tired of posing and smiling for us ๐Ÿ˜€ We got some amazing photos while it lasted, though. And they were all the product of tickles from mom and mom talking to her. Ms. L has become quite chatty in general, but she really brightens up when her mom is around โ€” they have such a special connection.

Enjoy the lovely photos, and be jealous โ€” she’s MY niece, not yours!

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