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You may remember seeing Kristen and Mike’s amazing wedding on the blog — if not, take a refresher before you move on. The details of this wedding and reception were incredible. Everyone looked amazing, the snow was perfectly flurrying, and Kristen’s reception dress was to die for ~ Kristen and Mike’s Winter Wedding.

We are honored and excited to have another wedding published by Bouquet Catcher! They chose Kristen and Mike and focused on their sweet story. Although their personalities and clothing styles may be different (i.e.-college dayz), their backgrounds, faith, and family heritage are extremely similar. This helps so much and is actually what brought them together in the first place. They agree on most things, they have similar families, and because of this, they value the same things! It works out really well.

They’re both extremely kind, and it was such a fun and extravagantly beautiful wedding. Kristen is always stunning, but this day something was different — you’ll see.

You can view Bouquet Catcher’s complete article here.

Much Love,
~Gina, Gina Cristine Photography, Chicago Published Photographer

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