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These two amazing babies arrived way earlier than they were supposed to and therefore spent some time in the NICU. Mom, of course, couldn’t wait to get them home. Mr. C came first and Ms. K didn’t end up arriving home until just a few days before this shoot. I was shocked and delighted at how strong and alert they were! They were looking around, smirking, and Ms. K was humming and cooing — she even does it in her sleep! She’s obviously got a lot to say; I can’t wait until she can actually verbalize those coo’s 😀

One of my favorite parts about shooting twins is that they are so connected. They’ve been side by side for 9 months, so when you lay them down together, you immediately see and feel the connection. You’ll see in these photos that these two are going to be the best of friends — going through all of life together with a bond that a lot of siblings don’t get to experience.

A BIG thank you to Madi Mo’s Bows and Little Punky for creating the awesome headband and hat featured in some of the photos. That color combination is perfect! And these two can definitely rock it.

Oh! And look closely for the fur baby that had to get in a shot because she is so excited to have them home too! So sweet!

Enjoy these darlings! I sure enjoyed photographing such a special pair.
Gina ~ Chicago Twin Newborn Photographer

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