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Lindsey and Pete were married on a cool, February afternoon. The morning started with flurrying snow, but the sky cleared and it was a gorgeous day by the time the ceremony began. We even got some beautiful snow photos before the ceremony, but they were glad for the sun. Their engagement session was the complete opposite of their wintry wedding – see their beautiful summer engagement session here.

Lindsey chose a vintage, romantic color pallet with heaps of flowers and candles, feathers and a vintage brooch in her bouquet. Lindsey is one of the most beautiful brides you’ve ever laid your eyes on – you’ll see. And if you don’t agree, please do not mention it to Pete, as he is quite taken with her!

Tom and I have also loved getting to photograph the Father of the Bride’s “First Look.” Lindsey’s dad seeing her for the first time as a bride. was one of the most breathtaking moments of our career.

Lindsey and Pete have outgoing and extremely welcoming friends, and their families are full of love and warmth. It made our day peaceful and fun to be a part of such a wonderful group. We were honored and so grateful to be included.

Lindsey surprised Pete with a custom, firefighter themed Groom’s Cake – he was blown away. We’ve seen a lot of unique and creative confections in our line of work, but this one takes the cake.

Tom and I were thrilled to take some photos at Pete’s Fire Hall. We were happy to do that, and those shots turned out beautiful with some of Lindsey’s added accountrements. We also got to spend some time photographing Lindsey’s “fur baby.” She was a doll, and so sweet to watch her following Lindsey around the whole day! 😀

Thank you Lindsey and Pete for allowing us into your wedding journey. We loved every step of it, and we wish you the best and happiest of lives together.

Much Love,
Tom and Gina, Gina Cristine Photography

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Ceremony: Christ Lutheran

Flowers: Enchanted Florist

DJ and Photo Booth: Music by Design

Cake: Domino’s and Creative Cakes

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0083