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Visiting the S Family is one of my favorite stops. I can’t believe I’ve been photographing them for three years — what a privilege!

I went to their bright, peaceful home for Ms. M’s 6 month photos and her big sister’s 3 year photos. Natural light is the best. It makes taking photos so much easier and, in my opinion, they turn out crisp, clean, and crystal clear. The S Family home is full of natural light, so it was a blast for me. Everywhere I went to shoot, there was beautiful light streaming through a huge window, so I had no problem catching every shot I wanted. The shoot was especially smooth because Mom had an idea of the shots she wanted, and they were all based on what the girls are doing these days. It’s totally laid back and classically lifestyle. I love it!

This trip I was looking for silly faces, jumping on the bed, favorite toys and books, and capturing the girls snuggling. That was a precious thing to see. Big sister loves Ms. M like crazy, and you can see it in the way she snuggles and nuzzles her little sister. What a sweet sisterly bond they’re already forming.

Enjoy the beautiful images of this beautiful family.

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