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Elizabeth & Christopher took a walk one beautiful afternoon – and my camera & I went with them! They chose Frankfort, because Elizabeth and Christopher are getting married in Homer Glen next April. Having just finished Pharmacy School, Elizabeth is now ready to enjoy wedding planning and give it lots of her time. We had a lovely time, and I enjoyed getting to know them and capturing a small piece of their sweet love for one another.

These two love birds naturally have fun together, and I could tell how comfortable they were when I asked them to just talk, be themselves, and not pay any attention to the camera. That’s when they really lit up — when they were together, free to be who they really are. And I believe that that is the beginning of something beautiful — when no one’s around, when there are no cameras, you’re smiling, having a blast, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. True Love.

To finish the session, they decided to showcase their favorite teams…. Slight problem: Elizabeth is a Packers fan — and Christopher is a Bears fan! Pretty die hard fans, too. Yikes – It is definitely going to add some spice to their home on Sunday afternoons! 😀 But I am confident that they will get past this age old rivalry and be perfect for each other regardless.

I can’t wait to see them again in April! Have fun planning, you two!

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