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The K Family prefers to capture the spirit of their family exactly as they are from year to year. For them that means maybe the girls are wearing what they want instead of what mom would prefer. That also means the girls may be running, playing, and drawing — all the things that these little ladies love to do — which makes a photo session not only painless, but completely fun! During the session, I think I may have asked them to look at me a few times, but 80% of the time, all they had to do was play. One sister wanted to practice ballet, while the other sister wanted to jump in puddles, and that was ok — in fact, it was wonderful.

We captured the girls playing with their two cats, one of which they just adopted and is the sweetest thing. We captured playing timpani with Dad, who is a percussionist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and reading with Mom, an amazing free lance writer for the Chicago Tribune. These girls have so much talent in their blood, it’s amazing. You can see it oozing out of them, too — the curiosity, the life, the excitement. They’re being engaged and encouraged on a daily basis to grow, learn, and follow their dreams. They’re loved and cared for in a very special way, and it’s clear when we get together for these sessions. It’s quite inspiring, actually.

Thank you, K Family for letting me in on your awesomeness — it was an honor.

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