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The L siblings are good friends of ours.  As a Chicago family photographer, I have been lucky enough to photograph a sibling shot a few years ago of these brothers and sisters. What is even more awesome, is we have shot both Pat + Carolyn’s wedding (the Ireland wedding) and Stacy and Mike’s.  They were seriously stunning brides with pretty awesome weddings.

They came for an updated family photo since there has been two new additions and one fur baby since their last. I love this family so much, and it is so amazing how much they have always believed in me as a photographer.  I cannot Thank You enough L family!

~Gina, Chicago Family Photographer
Chicago Family  Photographer_0008Chicago Family  Photographer_0009Chicago Family  Photographer_0010Chicago Family  Photographer_0011Chicago Family  Photographer_0012

Carolyn is coming up on the year anniversary of the opening of MacKenzie Hair Parlor in downtown Frankfort, check it out!  They are fantastic!

Brian is a band member of Big Wig Mechanic. They are an awesome local band that is going places! Be sure to check them out as well.