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It was a Chicago mid July day, humid, and threatening clouds overhead. Tom + I kept our fingers crossed as we walked into the Renaissance.

Jennifer’s room was filled with laughter as all the ladies buzzed around getting ready. And the skies got the hint. The rain held off just long enough for the ceremony and pictures around the city.

Jennifer and Michael’s love is deep and true. They naturally make each other smile and light up. Surrounded by the most loving friends and family, their day was absolute perfection. Beautiful pops of color and vibrant flowers from the amazing Exquisite Designs, gave the Renaissance a beautiful and festive spirit. Guests were instantly welcomed onto the dance floor by the fabulous Rendezvous Band, and kept the dance floor full all night. And everything ran perfectly smooth thanks to Bianca from Estera Events.

Jennifer + Michael, Tom and I could not have been more thrilled to have been apart of your day. You made our job easy with your love for each other, and pure enjoyment of your day. Plus, we think your guests had the best dance moves EVER!

We wish you both nothing but your happily ever after.

~Gina + Tom, Chicago Wedding Photographers Chicago Wedding Photographer_0001Chicago Wedding Photographer_0003Chicago Wedding Photographer_0004Chicago Wedding Photographer_0005Chicago Wedding Photographer_0006Chicago Wedding Photographer_0007Chicago Wedding Photographer_0008Chicago Wedding Photographer_0009Chicago Wedding Photographer_0010Chicago Wedding Photographer_0011Chicago Wedding Photographer_0016Chicago Wedding Photographer_0017Chicago Wedding Photographer_0019Chicago Wedding Photographer_0020Chicago Wedding Photographer_0021Chicago Wedding Photographer_0022Chicago Wedding Photographer_0023Chicago Wedding Photographer_0024Chicago Wedding Photographer_0025Chicago Wedding Photographer_0026Chicago Wedding Photographer_0028Chicago Wedding Photographer_0029Chicago Wedding Photographer_0030Chicago Wedding Photographer_0031Chicago Wedding Photographer_0032Chicago Wedding Photographer_0033Chicago Wedding Photographer_0034Chicago Wedding Photographer_0035Chicago Wedding Photographer_0036Chicago Wedding Photographer_0037Chicago Wedding Photographer_0038Chicago Wedding Photographer_0040Chicago Wedding Photographer_0041Chicago Wedding Photographer_0042Chicago Wedding Photographer_0043Chicago Wedding Photographer_0046Chicago Wedding Photographer_0047Chicago Wedding Photographer_0048Chicago Wedding Photographer_0049Chicago Wedding Photographer_0050Chicago Wedding Photographer_0051Chicago Wedding Photographer_0052Chicago Wedding Photographer_0053Chicago Wedding Photographer_0054Chicago Wedding Photographer_0055Chicago Wedding Photographer_0056Chicago Wedding Photographer_0057Chicago Wedding Photographer_0058Chicago Wedding Photographer_0059Chicago Wedding Photographer_0060Chicago Wedding Photographer_0061Chicago Wedding Photographer_0062Chicago Wedding Photographer_0064Chicago Wedding Photographer_0065Chicago Wedding Photographer_0066Chicago Wedding Photographer_0067Chicago Wedding Photographer_0068Chicago Wedding Photographer_0069Chicago Wedding Photographer_0070

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0071Chicago Wedding Photographer_0072Chicago Wedding Photographer_0073Chicago Wedding Photographer_0074Chicago Wedding Photographer_0075Chicago Wedding Photographer_0076Chicago Wedding Photographer_0077Chicago Wedding Photographer_0078Chicago Wedding Photographer_0079Chicago Wedding Photographer_0080Chicago Wedding Photographer_0081Chicago Wedding Photographer_0082Chicago Wedding Photographer_0083Chicago Wedding Photographer_0084Chicago Wedding Photographer_0085Chicago Wedding Photographer_0086Chicago Wedding Photographer_0087Chicago Wedding Photographer_0089Chicago Wedding Photographer_0090Chicago Wedding Photographer_0091Chicago Wedding Photographer_0092Chicago Wedding Photographer_0093Chicago Wedding Photographer_0094Chicago Wedding Photographer_0095Chicago Wedding Photographer_0096Chicago Wedding Photographer_0098Chicago Wedding Photographer_0100Chicago Wedding Photographer_0102Chicago Wedding Photographer_0104Chicago Wedding Photographer_0106Chicago Wedding Photographer_0107Chicago Wedding Photographer_0108Chicago Wedding Photographer_0109Chicago Wedding Photographer_0110Chicago Wedding Photographer_0111Chicago Wedding Photographer_0113Chicago Wedding Photographer_0114This incredible day all came together with the help and talent of these amazing vendors:

Ceremony: St. Clement

Reception and Cake: Renaissance Hotel

Hair and Makeup: Crizen Hasegawa and Andie Cumber

Wedding Coordinator: Estera Events, Bianca

Florist: Exquisite Designs

Band: Rendezvous

Video: Lexoria
Chicago Wedding Photographer_0115

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