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We can not be more proud that to share Carrie + Gene’s July wedding with you today. If you need a refresher, you may remember their stunning Northwestern University engagement session here . You can read all about how they fell in love, and how Gene popped the big question.

Carrie + Gene’s wedding day was perfect. The weather was dreamy, and the air was filed with love and celebration.

When I walked into Carrie’s AirBNB, I was immediately greater by many excited bridesmaids. Right then, I knew the day was gong to be epic. Then Carrie’s mom showed me around and introduced me to all the traditions around the room. Before Carrie + Gene had their first look, they would have a traditional tea ceremony. We loved every part of this, and being apart of something with so much meaning gave Tom and I  chills.

After that, Carried put on her gorgeous gown (and I mean GORGGGGGGEOUS!), and they had their first look at the lily pond in Lincoln Park. There we continued with all their bridal party portraits.

We headed to ARTRevoltuion for their intimate and romantic ceremony that seamlessly went to their cocktail hour and reception. The ceremony was officiated by a friend which adds such a personal touch to a ceremony. Then everyone was invited to sing Amazing Grace together. This was one of the most serene and grounding moments to experience. Carrie + Gene put their foreheads together and were just in the moment. It was perfect.

The reception was filled with fun and game, literally. Carrie + Gene had their guests play the balloon game, the shoe game, and a table scavenger hunt. We could not believe how competitive things got for each game! Plus it gave us some great material for images 😉

Carrie + Gene are literally loved around the world. Family and friends traveled from all four corners to be in Chicago that day to celebrate everything that is Carrie + Gene. They are an amazing pari that compliments each other perfectly, and insures everyone around them to be better and kinder people. This day was truly everything they deserved to celebrate their love, and we are so blessed to have been able to document their story.

Carrie + Gene,  thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us be apart of this day. Tom and I wish you nothing but a happily ever after.

~Gina + Tom Chicago West Loop Wedding Photographers

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Venue and Decoration: ART Revolution

Florist: Groom’s Parents

Cake: Friend

Wedding Coordinator: Vy Tran

Catering: D’Absolute 

Photo Booth: Flashbooth

Video: Vanilla VideoChicago Wedding Photographer_0190

You can see more in the slideshow below, or here