Mr. P Turns TWO! | Joliet Family Photographer

I had so much fun seeing the K family again and so soon after their Christmas mini session in October.
This session was all about Mr. P turning TWO years old and his baby brother H is just shy of three months old.  These boys are growing so fast.  Our session was actually on P’s birthday! What made it even more special is that the boys’ grandparents got to be apart of the session too. We met at the Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory in Joliet to take advantage of the beautiful atmosphere inside the greenhouse.
P had so much fun exploring with his doting grandparents in tow. Mr H was very content just relaxing and taking it all in. We ended the session by grabbing a few more shots outside and of P playing ring around the rosey with his grandparents. It was so sweet and fun to watch, and I just know that P and his grandparents will treasure these memories forever.
See you soon, K family!

Much Love,

Joliet Family Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography
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