1971 Airstream Renovation | Painting the Floors

Once the sub floor templates were done, we got the floor done with a little (a lot but I couldn’t help a little Beatle reference)  help from our friend Kevin. They got everything all set and Tom could not wait to start painting. Things are moving fast all of a sudden and we can not help but to dream about the first trip we take Ruby Jane on next year. It will all depend on when she is ready to go though. If it is still too cold we will have to head South. But if it is later spring or summer, then maybe West or North?! We will see.

Enough daydreaming and back to work Tom goes:
1971-airstream-renovation_0166P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0167P I N this to pinterest

And what a bright difference it made!1971-airstream-renovation_0168P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0169P I N this to pinterest

Next up was insulating and putting the walls back on the front and back. Rivets Rivets Rivets everywhere1971-airstream-renovation_0170P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0171P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0172P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0173P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0174P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0175P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0176P I N this to pinterest

Next time you will see Ruby Jane we will be painting the wall! Not without a good cleaning first.

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