Chicago Anniversary Session | Casey and Mike

Pop the champagne! We are kicking off this weekend by introducing a new GCP session…


We love love. We love celebrating love. And we especially love celebrating couples who are in this for the forever.

The Anniversary Session is a reason to dress up, visit your favorite Chicago spots, and document the celebration of your commitment. Whether it is your one year anniversary, five year,  12 year, 50 year, or 6 month, it does not matter. All that matters is your love for each other and that is something to celebrate.

Here helping us show you Tom and I’s vision is past GCP couple Casey from DIY Playbook and Mike for their one year anniversary. Casey rented her dress from Rent the Runway and her hair and makeup was done by the one and only Gabrielle Post. We went to the Chicago Civic Oprah House, Nellcote for a toast, and then walked Green Street to discover RM Champagne for a romantic dance.

For more information please contact Gina@GinaCristinePhotography.Com.

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