My Vote Goes To …..

Not the republican party, not the democratic party, not the independent party, just THE PARTY lol!

Vino!   That is right, a great bottle of wine, family, friends, good food, and everyone being together. Sitting around a table, reminiscing about the past, making future plans, laughing so hard it hurts,  and having a great time right in the now. Wine (and food) around our house is usually at the center of what brings everyone together. But maybe at your house it is beer, vodka, water, fresh squeezed juice, iced tea, coffee… does it mater? As long as you are surrounded by those you love, life is good, real good.

Happy Labor Day Friends!

I hope it is everything you need for some R+R and to say goodbye to summer 2016 .

Chicago Children Photographer_0457P I N this to pinterest

I also vote for companies like Old Navy that have awesome sales this weekend! This shirt is under $10 this weekend, I also stocked up on some cute jeans! Shop the shirt here

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