Naperville Newborn Photographer | Mr E | Gina Cristine Photography

This Naperville Newborn Photographer would like to take note that Momma C has officially been overtaken by boys.  They are certainly cute ones to be taken over by though!  These guys were sure excited to meet their little brother and were very helpful during Mr E’s newborn pictures.  They were definitely on hand to hand me whatever I needed!

Mom had some ideas for their sibling shots, shots that often times end up needing to have kids photo-shopped back in, but what happened with these three was pure magic!  Every shot, every time was just pure and natural.

Mr E was such a sweet little chunk that made my job super easy to just pose away with him.  He is such a lucky guy to be welcomed into a family filled with so much love.  It was such a pleasure spending the morning with the C family.

Nicole~ Naperville Newborn Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

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