Wedding at CD + Me | Marita and Niko

Frankfort, IL

Wedding at CD + Me

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Marita and Niko are two of the most romantic and in love people we have ever met. Just as Niko’s brother said during his speech, Niko is a lover not a fighter. And that is so true about them both. Marita and Niko care about everyone around them and make sure they know it. Yes, it was their wedding day but to Marita and Niko it was about their family and friends who have shown them what true love is and supported them. Thank you Marita and Niko for choosing us to document our day, your love for each other made it very easy.

We wish you nothing but, a happily ever after!

So much love, Gina and Tom

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Thanks to CD+Me, St. Constantine + Helen,  and  Amanda Ooyakas (flowers) this day was perfect!
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