Wedding at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum | Michelle and Chris

Chicago, IL

Wedding at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

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Michelle + Chris’s wedding has been much anticipated by all. We have been to a few weddings where Michelle was a bridesmaid and her parents and Chris were guests and we would talk about this day. Before we all knew it the day was here and it was absolute perfection. Michelle did a fabulous job styling with lush florals, the perfect amount of sparkle, shades of gold and blush, and candles. The dresses were stunning and the guys perfectly dapper in navy. ¬†Add the most gorgeous Chicago summer weather you could ask for, and Michelle and Chris had a dream wedding day. Michelle and Chris have such relaxed personalities that it makes it easy to photograph them. They love each other and their family so much and it shows.

Thank you Michelle and Chris for choosing us document your wedding day. We were honored.

Tom and I wish you nothing but, a happily ever after! So much love, Gina + Tom

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This insanely beautiful day was because of the creative team of:

Ceremony: Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Reception: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Flowers: Violets Florist

Cake: George Jewell

Band: Enough Said

Photography: Gina Cristine Photography

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