Wedding at the Abbey Resort Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva WI

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Pop, Fizz, Clink! Katie + Joe chose a Lake Geneva wedding where Katie has spent many summers visiting her family and still does. This lake has so many happy memories memories for her and her family that it only seemed fitting to be married there.

Katie and Joe wanted a celebration of their wedding filled with family and friends. And a celebration it was! Katie and Joe know how to have a good time and so did all of their guests.

Their wedding was styled to perfection with black and white stripes and gold accents. This whole day was so classic with hints of old Hollywood. Katie was a timeless dream in her Rosa Clara (with bow accents!) gown.  You could just tell how in awe of Katie Joe was all night by he way he looked at her.

The day was all  sparkle, glam, and love.

Katie and joe, your love is fit for an old  classic black and white movie, and so was your wedding day! We were so honored to have documented your day, and wish you nothing best a happily ever after!

So much love, Gina and Tom

Grab yourself a glass of bubbles to swoon over these pics!

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Love these girls! 5 of them are GCP brides!chicago-wedding-photographer_0045P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0046P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0047P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0048P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0049P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0050P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0051P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0052P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0053P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0054P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0055P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0056P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0057P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0058P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0059P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0060P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0061P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0062P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0063P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0064P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0065P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0066P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0067P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0068P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0070P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0071P I N this to pinterestchicago-wedding-photographer_0072P I N this to pinterest

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This stunning day could not have been possible without the hard work of the following creative team:

Ceremony and Reception: The Abbey Resort

Florals: Petal Play Design

Cake: Julie Michelle Cakes

DJ: Music in Motion

Day of Coordinator: Weddings With a Twist

Photographer: Gina Cristine Photography

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  • Jenna McDonnell

    These pictures are nothing short of amazing! Such a beautiful wedding!! Love you Katie & Joe!!ReplyCancel

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