1971 Airstream Renovation | Lowes Home Improvement Cabinet Makeover

Time for an update on our 1971 Airstream Renovation of Ruby Jane The Airstream!

I should use the term “our” lightly, I honestly have been so busy with GCP that my only contribution has been design decisions and spending a little too much at Anthropologie on knobs and hooks, lol. I could not be more proud of Tom and the blood, sweat, and tears that he has been putting into the renovation. He has been spending majority of his days off working on Ruby Jane and researching so much about Airstreams. His multi talents amazes me more everyday and his dedication to making our vision come to life for our family travel dreams. He is so proud when he comes home every day on what he accomplished, as he should be, his work is perfection. Which as we all know, when your heart is in something, it radiates through your work.

Moving on now to what he has been working on the last couple weeks! He got Project Source unfinished cabinets from Lowes Home Improvement. 

1971-airstream-renovation_0147P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0148P I N this to pinterest

Used a stain he made

1971-airstream-renovation_0172P I N this to pinterest

1971-airstream-renovation_0149P I N this to pinterest

Used the Valspar Chalky Finish paint from Lowes.  Then the Amy Howard at Home Light Antique Wax from Ace Hardware.

1971-airstream-renovation_0151P I N this to pinterest

Some distressing, knocking, and sanding, and we have the exact look we wanted! our goal is for Ruby Jane to have character, and we felt new cabinets did not give us that feel.

1971-airstream-renovation_0150P I N this to pinterest

We chose a butcher block counter top from Ikea.1971-airstream-renovation_0152P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0153P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0154P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0155P I N this to pinterest

Remember all that pallet wood Tom was working on? Well he made doors for the storage above the beds, and below the beds!1971-airstream-renovation_0156P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0157P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0158P I N this to pinterest

1971-airstream-renovation_0159P I N this to pinterest

Soon those lovely knobs I picked up from Anthro will be adorning all these cabinets and storage doors 🙂 1971-airstream-renovation_0160P I N this to pinterest

Now that the cabinets are locked down, Tom has started ship lapping. Just call him Chip Gaines.  All this beautiful shiplap is from Lowes. We still have to paint it white, but it is looking great! Every piece he spaced out with nickels. I ask him why and he said because he wanted to. So there you go! 1971-airstream-renovation_0161P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0162P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0163P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0164P I N this to pinterest

1971-airstream-renovation_0165P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0166P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0167P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0168P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0169P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0170P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-renovation_0171P I N this to pinterest

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