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Hey there! First of all Tom and I want to give a big welcome to all the new followers we have, and a thank you for all the support we have received with this renovation. We had no idea so many people loved following Ruby Jane’s progress!

This past couple weeks Tom washed the walls, we painted them a nice crisp white, installed the floors (yay!), and started painting and installing the walls and beds back in.

Amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes.


Floor prep1971-airstream-renovation_00071971-airstream-renovation_00081971-airstream-renovation_0009

Teamwork is the best work and thanks again to Kevin, the floors were installed precisely and swiftly.  We chose the Stillwater Oak vinyl floors by Smartcore from Lowe’s.1971-airstream-renovation_00111971-airstream-renovation_00121971-airstream-renovation_00131971-airstream-renovation_00141971-airstream-renovation_0015




True artist always sign their work.


Tom brought the walls home and painted them a crisp white as well.


Tom installed the walls back in, started working on the kids beds, and we brainstormed what we want to do with the underneath storage of their beds. 1971-airstream-renovation_0023


If you follow my Instagram, you know my obsession with my new Writer Letterfolk board. As soon as it arrived, I had to get the smaller Letterfolk (The Poet) for the airstream. I can not wait until the day our Letterfolk is hung on one of Ruby Jane’s walls!1971-airstream-renovation_0030

Someone is excited that the original fan still works!

1971-airstream-renovation_00311971-airstream-renovation_0032Tom has started covering the closet doors with pallet wood.1971-airstream-renovation_0033

Something else exciting happened this week, we received our numbers and they are the SAME as the original! So we can research the history of Ruby Jane and keep her in the club she has always been a part of. 1971-airstream-renovation_0034

Just a little look back to when the demo was complete, the walls were being painted, and then to today when the floors are in!1971-airstream-renovation_0036

After installing the walls, we have decided that the interior of the beds (head board and foot board) should be wallpapered due to how much they will become scratched. Below are some of our choices and ONE of these is our final decision. But you will have to wait and see which one we decided!