Salvage One Wedding | Beau + Jackie

Chicago, IL

Salvage One Wedding

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Today is the one year anniversary of my brother Beau’s wedding. Beau and Jackie asked that I did not share their images from the wedding when they were completed so they could surprise family with gifts for the holidays. Plus they were able to re live the day with family as they shared the full wedding edit at holiday parties. This past summer a client asked when they would be able to see the pictures and I remembered I never did blog them!

So I figured it would be a perfect way to celebrate my favorite couple from my favorite wedding on their anniversary.

I am so proud of my brother and the man he has become. He found the most perfect girl. If I myself searched the world, I could not find anyone as perfect for him and our family as Jackie. For the wedding they wanted an intimate celebration at a unique location with amazing food and the best music. And they executed their wedding dreams flawlessly.  Yes, Tom and I photographed the day and loved doing it. Nicole came to the ceremony and cocktail hour to help get a different view at church and to make sure Tom and I were able to be in family photos.

Beau and Jackie LOVE to travel…and they are well on their way to seeing the world. So for their wedding they chose a travel theme. Everything from the invites to table cards incorporated their love for travel. I love that their table were named after their favorite travel spots thus far.

Everything that day had meaning.  Jackie’s wedding bands were made from diamonds from one of my Grandmother’s rings.  Beau and Jackie were married by close friends of our family Father Ken and Father Dave. We have been on backpacking trips with them both. Father Ken married Tom and I,  baptized Ava, Owen, Beau and I. A cake topper in honor of their fur baby, Oso. Plus a little Michigan State and Iowa State rivalry.

It was truly a perfect wedding day, everyone had such a great time and it went by way to fast.

Jackie and Beau we are so happy for you both and the wonderful first year of marriage you have had. We wish you a hundred more amazing years! So much love, Gina and Tom

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This day was perfect because we had the best of the best to work with! The creative team was:

Ceremony:  St. Clement

Reception: Salvage One

Hair and Makeup: Mackenzie Hair Parlor

Florals and design: Amanda from Green Glen Nursery

Invites, Menus, Table Cards, and Ceremony programs: Tue from Design Studio Creations

DJ: Toast and Jam

Catering: Food for Thought

Photography: Gina Cristine Photographychicago-wedding-photographer_0343P I N this to pinterest

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