Odyssey Country Club Wedding | Jessica + Mike

Tinley Park, IL

odyssey country club wedding

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Jessica and Mike were married on the most perfect summer day. There was a threat of rain, but at the exact perfect moment (after the first look and before the ceremony) the skies let out all the rain it needed to do in time to clear up for the ceremony. Everything was stunning, from the flowers, the weather, the bridesmaids, and of course Jessica the bride. Mike stared at her in adoration the whole evening. Truly a day all involved will never forget. We left with full hearts and smiles on our faces knowing that two INCREDIBLY deserving people had the most perfect wedding day with everyone they love around them.

Congrats Jessica and Mike! Tom and I wish you nothing but a happily ever after.

So much love! ~Gina + Tom

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This day was just lovely thanks to the following creative team:

Ceremony and Reception: Odyssey Country Club

Bakery: Creative Cakes

Florals: Sass and Class

DJ: Red Letter

Photography: Gina Cristine Photographyodyssey-country-club-wedding_0281P I N this to pinterest

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