Minimalism and A Simple Year | Our 2017 Family Focus

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For 2017 as a family we are focusing on the word “Simple”

2016 we worked on collecting moments and not things, and boy did we succeed. We kept our bucket list full and attacked it. We had an amazing year of events and going places. So many beautiful and fun memories.

But by the end we were tired. We realized that the kids were happy on a simple hike, and with a hand full of gifts under the tree. They did not need days packed to the gills of events and activities to be entertained and mounds of gifts. So we succeeded with “collect moments not things” , but we may have pushed it a little too hard.

So this year we vowed to keep it simple. Yes we will do things, but simpler things.  Instead of purchasing tickets to see something downtown, we will find a new park or trail. Instead of planning a night out,  we will have friends over and play games. It is time to relax, recharge, and go back to a slower time. Put the phones away and cook a meal from scratch.

After taking down the holiday decor, I even craved a more clean and simple look for the house. So we are even going to try to keep our home and purchasing simple through out the year as well. Time to remember people love us for who we are, not the clothes we wear or the style of our homes.

Things and possessions do not matter much, but time with people we love does.

Are you also feeling this way after the holidays and need a little more inspiration? I highly suggest watching the documentary Minimalism on Netflix. Tom and I watched it last week and it could not have come at a better time.

So cheers to 2017, and finding joy in the most simple of things!

XOXO, Gina

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