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Social media has quickly become a part of our everyday lives. It is how we share our lives with family and friends across the world with one easy click of a button. Either on our phone, computer, or tablet. Social media is also a huge benefit to any business. Think of it as free advertising. Yes, of course you can pay to have your Facebook and Instagram posts boosted or promoted through very specific targeting, but if used correctly, you can get your message out to many of your followers without paying a dime (throw the confetti). No matter what your business or service is, photographer, baker, chef, blogger, artists, direct sales, health coach, store owner, designer, planner,  business professional etc, social media can be used to your benefit to get your product or service into the world.


Do you feel you post  and no one is seeing your posts?

Well, that could be true. Facebook and Instagram are using algorithms to show your posts to who is interacting with your posts and relevance to what your followers like the most. This means, the more your followers interact (comment and like) with your posts, the more your posts will be seen. This also means (if you are a hand made jewelry maker for example) your followers who search and interact with jewelry making and hand made jewelry posts, Instagram will know they will be interested in your feed as well and show them your posts.

So what can you do?

Make sure to post captivating posts that invite your followers to interact. Ask questions and be consistent with your posts. Think of social media as a conversation with your followers, not just you talking constantly to your followers. Your followers also do not want to feel sold to constantly, talk about your life and give them peaks into more than just your product or service. Go into the behind the scenes of your business or something as simple as the new restaurant your tired this weekend. These conversations will get more interaction and therefore your posts will start to be seen more. Then, when you do post about your product, sale, or service, it is more likely to be seen. And your followers will feel they know and trust you once they have seen more of you and not just your product or service. Also, be sure to be showing up on the regular. If you can only commit to posting three days a week, then do it. Your followers will begin to know your schedule and look forward to your posts. A pretty photo also helps to catch your followers attention on any social media platform, but rumor is a Facebook post gets more attention when a photo is attached. Even if the image does not directly relate to your message.

Great, but I only have 50 followers, how do I get more?

Guess what? It does not matter how many followers you have. If you have 50 followers and 25 regularly comment and like your posts, you will have a better algorithm than someone with 5,000 followers who only has 25 followers who regularly interact. The algorithm likes the higher percentage of interaction per followers then just having many followers who never like or comment.

Point is, no matter how many followers you have, you want to be posting what your followers like to see and will interact with. Basically, have a conversation with them. Then, thank you to the algorithms, your posts will begin to be seen more.


I have been spending the last year studying and learning the ins and outs of social media and how it works to benefit businesses. I have learned these tips above I shared with you and  some things about myself. I have to work on being more consistent in posting. I understand it can be hard to always have something to say and a photo to go with it to post everyday. I try to be organized and pre schedule or have a list of ideas on what to post. My struggle  is in what to say, with being a photographer, I always have a photo just not the words. After talking to other business owners and bloggers, they know exactly what they want to say, they just do not have the time to style photos, or skill to take the photos.

So I have been whipping up some fabulous styled stock photos that will be social media ready. Already cropped to a square and royalty free for YOU! All you have to do is add what you want to say, but the beautiful eye catching professional image is already taken care of for you. The boutique will be open soon, but for the time being I am giving away free Easter styled stock for those of you who sign up to the newsletter. Do not worry, I wont be constantly sending you emails (I don’t have time for that!) but I will send you tips much like this blog post, free styled stock photos, and announcements like when the boutique is ready and when new images are available. I hand-crafted three pretty Easter styled stock images, and you will receive one immediately after signing up for the newsletter!

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